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When you partner with me, anticipate not just a tailored experience but also a warm and approachable touch. I'm here to simplify those tech details and guide you smoothly through our SEO journey.

Considering your business type and ranking goals, I'll always recommend what's best for you, be it fundamental steps or a comprehensive strategy.

SEO support for my website

SEO Vitality Package
Price £275

5 Pages

Error Checks, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Content Tag Links, Basic Google Accessibility,  Error 404, URL Checks 

SEO Strategies
Price £400

SEO is like a puzzle with many pieces, and sometimes just the basics aren't enough to make your business shine bright. Don't worry, I'll craft a thoughtful plan that fits just right for your business!

When it comes to SEO, I believe in the power of research and data. With my friendly guidance and a clear plan, I'll help ensure your site is a Google favourite!

SEO strategies for businesses
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